Russia is a vast country with many diverse attractions. There are many things to do in Russia. Explore museums, walk on the multitude of beaches and take a trek into one of the stunning national parks. With over 11 time zones, this country has plenty of things to see and do. You can experience the vibrant culture by visiting many museums like the Tretyakov Gallery or taking a tour through Putin’s Palace on Lake Valdai. The country of Russia is so diverse, from the bustling city life to the vast rural areas. It’s hard to choose from the list of things to do in Russia.

things to do in Russia
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Moscow, with many parks and interesting buildings, the rich culture and history will provide any visitor with a fascinating experience that will last a lifetime. Explore the top places to visit in russia, including the Kremlin, the St. Basil Cathedral, the Great Kremlin Palace, and the New Tretyakov Gallery.

Here is the list of things to do in Russia

Russia is a vast country with many things to explore, but it can be quite an intimidating place to visit. With this list of things to do in Russia, you will have a fighting chance at having a great time while you’re there! Tourists are always looking for new destinations to explore, and Russia is a great place to visit. With its vast natural resources, you won’t be bored on your trip. From Moscow to St Petersburg, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the culture and history of this great nation.

Before traveling to Russia, you should know about local customs and etiquette. Take your shoes off when entering private homes. Don’t ask any questions about the Russian military. Write to the authorities in advance if you plan to organize public meetings or rallies. Respect other people’s religious beliefs and customs, even if they are different than yours.

Enjoying the Canal Tour

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things to do in Russia
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Visiting the Red Square

Visiting the Red Square is a must if you’re ever in Moscow. This tourist attraction is a famous landmark that has been a source of controversy for years. The Kremlin, the Russian Orthodox Church, and the GUM department store are all located here. Visiting the Red Square is a great experience for any tourist to Moscow. Once you are there, it is sometimes hard to remember that never has anyone ever seen. You just remember what you are seeing with your own eyes outside of the square. The most iconic symbol of Russia is here in full glory with its grand buildings and domes. 

things to do in Russia
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The Red Square is a landmark in Moscow and home to the Kremlin, the former headquarters of the Communist party. It was originally named “Krasnaya Ploshchad. That means “Red Square. This name changed to Red Square after World War II when it became a memorial for those who had fought against fascism. The square has been a site for many significant events throughout history, including Russia’s military parades, elections, and Soviet May Day celebrations. While visiting this historic site, don’t forget to explore other winter activities such as cross country skiing russia, adding a unique dimension to your experience.

Skiing At Red Valley

Skiing at Red Valley is a great way to get outdoors this winter. The wide variety of slopes and difficulty levels allow beginners to start their skiing technique. At the same time, advanced skiers can enjoy more difficult runs with lots of elevation changes. Skiing the entire mountain is possible throughout one weekend due to the number of lifts and terrain parks available.

things to do in Russia
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The Flathead National Forest is one of the most beautiful places to ski due to its lack of crowds and easy accessibility. In the West Mountain Range, a sprawling ski resort dedicated to downhill skiing sits. If you’re looking for other winter activities, consider ice skating russia as well to make the most of the season.

Red Valley Ski Resort is a favorite among skiers for its long, natural snow and relatively easy slopes. The slope features a variety of trails to suit every level of expertise. Red Valley Ski Resort is in the West Mountain Range.

Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre visiting

Moscow’s Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the most beautiful theatres globally, presenting a perfect stage for Moscow’s cultural life. This construction started in 1964. After director Timofey Vladimirovich Popov outlined his vision to create “a temple of art in the provinces”. The theatre is home to more than 1,000 performances each year. The Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre is located right in the middle of the city center.

things to do in Russia
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One of Samara’s hidden gems is the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, a modern theatre that first opened its doors in 1991. Since then, it has become a popular location for performances from opera to ballet. 

Going to Moscow’s Kremlin

In Russia, the Kremlin is a symbol of power and grandeur. Built-in 1838, Moscow’s Kremlin has preserved the past and embodies a constant reminder to those who enter that they are entering a different world. The Kremlin encloses all Moscow represents: history, heritage, power, magic, mystery.

things to do in Russia
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Explore the Kremlin, which is home to the Russian president, government offices, national library, and museum. You can visit both the churches inside the grounds and take in the beauty of the Kremlin walls with their intricate patterns. While in Moscow, don’t miss out on experiencing the artistry of acrobatic gymnastics russia, adding a unique dimension to your visit.


In conclusion, there are many notable famous things in Russia. A prime example is visiting the Kremlin, a large fortified complex of palaces, cathedrals, and churches.

There are also several museums around Russia to visit, such as the Museum of Anthropology, Ethnography, the Hermitage Museum. While it is difficult to say what your favorite thing to do in Russia is, one clear favorite is experiencing Russian culture! For more things to do in Russia, visit Journey Index.