Arunachalam Temple, also known as Annamalaiyar Temple, stands as a beacon of spirituality in the tranquil town of Tiruvannamalai in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Devotees from distant places start journeys to this holy place for divine blessings. If you are planning to visit Arunachalam temple and want to know how to reach Tiruvannamalai or Arunachalam, here is a comprehensive guide to help you in your pilgrimage.

How to Reach Arunachalam Temple: Different Ways

There are several ways to reach Arunachalam Temple in Tiruvannamalai. Here we find the most convenient and important ways to answer the question of how to reach Arunachalam from anywhere in India and the world.

By Air

The nearest airport to Tiruvannamalai is the Chennai International Airport (MAA), situated approximately 200 kilometers away. From Chennai, you can reach Tiruvannamalai via various modes of transportation, such as taxis, buses, or trains.

By Rail

Tiruvannamalai boasts its own railway station, offering connectivity to major cities across Tamil Nadu and other parts of India. Travelers can reach Tiruvannamalai Railway Station via train. In the event of the unavailability of direct trains to Tiruvannamalai, Katpadi Junction serves as an alternative station located nearby. From Katpadi Junction, you can opt for taxis or buses to reach Tiruvannamalai, which is approximately 90–100 kilometers away.

By Road

Tiruvannamalai enjoys excellent connectivity by road with major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Tiruchirappalli. Travelers can conveniently travel by bus from nearby cities to reach Tiruvannamalai. Both government-operated and private buses ply regularly to Tiruvannamalai, offering a comfortable journey. Tiruvannamalai is situated at a distance of 207 kilometers from Bangalore and 190 kilometers from Tiruchirappalli.

Upon reaching Thiruvannamalai, the Arunachalam Temple is easily accessible, located merely 1-2 kilometers away from the railway station or bus station. Local transportation options, such as autorickshaws and taxis, are readily available to ferry visitors to the temple premises. The temple, situated in the heart of the town, stands as a prominent landmark, making it easy for travelers to seek guidance from locals if needed.


Finally, till now, we have discussed how to reach Tiruvannamalai. Also, before embarking on the journey to Arunachalam Temple, it is important to understand the logistics of reaching Tiruvannamalai for this transformative experience. So, knowing the attractions of the destination in advance ensures that nothing is overlooked. For more articles like this, visit the Journey Index.