Hello Travel Writers! We are elevated to inform you that Journey Index is looking to build our writer’s circle and you all are most welcome to join. We are sure you have some wonderful experiences or stories in your writer’s book. Write for us, our audience will be waiting for your great stories, knowledge, and travel guides.

Travel Guest Writers, You all are Welcome to Journey Index’s Family!

We value Travel Contributions that can make the content on our website more different. And also we would love the guest posts to strike an instant connection with the travelers, adventurers, budget travelers, destination searchers, budget accommodation facilities, as common people like you.

Writing for us or Submitting a guest post on our travel website will work for our mutual benefit. In reciprocal of your quality content, will get more traffic to your blog or website. The backlink to your site will give it some backlink juice to your website. And also we will be promoting the content on our Social Media platforms.

Write for us: What Type of Guest Post Topics are We Accepting!

We would like the content to sound personal, not commercial, like a friendly guide or destination facilities, reviews.

Here are some broad topics that will give you clarity on the type of Travel Guest Posts we accept. 

Write for us for Destination Guides:

  • Best Places to visit.
  • Best time to visit.
  • Popular Tourist Destinations.
  • Recommended places to stay.
  • How to reach

Of course, the places should be new or not already done on the website. Your chances to get featured will be high when you could write about the offbeat destinations in any place.

Guest Post for Road Trips:

  • Road trips planning.
  • Determining the routes.
  • Travel timing.
  • Latest road conditions and the recommended halt points

And also 

  • Things to do.
  • Tips for travelers.
  • Best beaches.
  • Forest places.
  • Holiday trips.
  • Devotional places.

And more.

Guest Post Guidelines:

  • The Guest Post or Article (Write for us content) should be at least 800 WORDS.
  • Our website is all over the WORLD so we are looking for a broad range of guest posts from any place or destinations.
  • Give us your Original Content only. We will not accept posts that are copied or spun from any other websites. 100% unique we will check in different methods to find the copied content. If we find any copied or plagiarism content we won’t accept.
  • One outbound link in the Guest Post article with the contextual anchor and not be outright promotional.
  • You can send owned images and videos (Other’s or copyright’s images or videos should be relevant and royalty free.) along with your posts. You can send a maximum 3 images and one short video (5 to 10min duration) along with you will be giving us the copyright to use it on our website.
  • Your article should follow the Zero Grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.
  • We expect a well structured post, short distinct paragraphs, proper headings, subheadings, and bulleted or numbered lists if available.
  • Short description (160 to 220 characters including spaces), Title (45 to 65 characters including spaces), and Target Keyword (If available) about the article or guest post which helps users to find your article in SERP.
  • Feel free to add a brief introduction ( 50 to 80 words) for yourself.


We hope this information gives you a clear idea of Journey Index expectations from Contributors. If you have any doubts feel free to contact us for any clarifications.

So why are you waiting for? Get your ideas rolling and send in your Guest Post for submission. You can send us an email with your Article through the Google Docs / Dropbox link.


Our editors and publishers will look into your submitted content for Originality and Quality. If your post is selected for submission, you will get an email from our team within 7 days. You will also be informed about any revisions if required.

Contact Us or Reach out: editor@journeyindex-d5265e.ingress-haven.ewp.live