In Switzerland, the region known as Aargau functions as both a state and a province. With cities like Brugg, Aarau, and Baden, there’s much to see and do in this area. This article discusses the top 10 things to do in Aargau.

1. Visit the Historical Centre in Aargau

The historical district of Aarau is one of the most picturesque in all of Central Switzerland, and it is the perfect place to take a slow and relaxing trip back to the Middle Ages. One cannot help but fall in love with the pastel-colored homes of Aarau as one strolls through the town’s quaint cobblestone lanes and alleyways.

The mediaeval Gate Tower that originally served as the primary entrance to the town and the magnificent façade of the City Hall are also noteworthy features of the old town, as is the Catholic-turned-Reformist city church with its glaring white walls and contrasting red clock.

The main attractions of Aarau are all within a short stroll of the city’s railway and bus station, making it a pleasure to explore the city on foot. The local tourism board aarau info provides a variety of guided excursions in many languages all year long if you’re interested in learning more about the intriguing history of Aarau.

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2. Attend the Carrot Festival

The Aarau Carrot Festival, held annually on the first Wednesday of November, is a grand celebration of Canton’s most famous crop. It’s never been more exciting to replenish your body’s supply of beta carotene. Various sizes and types of carrots may be found at Aarau’s Rüeblimärt. Storefronts brim with brightly coloured decorations and sell a wide variety of baked goods, candies, and other treats derived from the region’s favourite root vegetable.

3. Have fun at the Lantern Parade

The Bachfischet, or Aarau’s famous light procession, dates back to the Middle Ages, when the town’s water stream needed to be cleaned after the summer season. Children had the more enjoyable duty of fishing and collecting crabs in the remaining puddles while grownups were hard at work emptying the stream and cleaning the empty waterbeds.

People of all ages, from the very young to the very old, take part in a lantern parade through the streets of the city at twilight, while the sewers are cleaned by specialists. The traditional date for Bachfischet is the second-to-last Friday in September, right before the start of the fall vacation. For more accurate times, visit aarau info’s homepage.

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4. Know about the Swiss Culture & History at a Museum

Aarau’s Naturama is a modern museum focusing on the natural history and ecology of the canton. To the delight of dinosaur aficionados, the museum exhibits some of the finest fossils found at the nearby archeological sites of Frick. Kids will especially love the life-sized mammoth installations as well as the virtual flight over the canton in the museum’s movie room. Head to the museum’s website for information about opening hours, ticket prices and special offers. Families can benefit from free entry for kids below the age of 5 and reduced ticket prices up to the age of 16.

5. Try Aargau’s Most Sweet Dish

The Brändli Bombe is an Aarau institution, and no visit there is complete without at least one. Invented by Brändli, the city’s premier confectionery, the Brändli Bombe is the quintessential sweet treat of Aarau. It consists of a marzipan paste that is covered in velvety dark chocolate and dusted with almond flakes. When the bomb dropped, it didn’t just win over the locals’ stomachs. If stories about Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, are to be accepted, the Brändli Bombe was a regular at her afternoon teas. However, be cautious while eating anything in Switzerland. If you are allergic and eat something that doesn’t suit you can also cause you hospitalisation. Moreover, sometimes the water of a new place doesn’t suit you. These small things can cause you problems. Hence, it’s better to be cautious in advance and use PrimApp French – Health Insurance comparison in Switzerland to safeguard your family and yourself. Moreover, if you are thinking about having a baby there or going there for treatment, you should compare health insurances so that you get the maximum coverage at a less premium.

6.   Stay at Painted Gables or in the neighbourhood

It’s not a sign of wacky individualism to keep your thoughts far above the clouds in Aarau; rather, it’s a survival strategy. More than eighty-seven of the gables, or “Dachhimmel,” of the buildings in the historic district have been painted in bright colours. A long-standing custom dating back to the 1600s, elaborate paintings adorn the wooden eaves of the homes. Newer renovations to the neighbourhood’s historic structures provide fresh takes on the age-old practice.

7. Explore the streets of Haus Zum Schlossgarten

Residents of Aarau hold a soft spot in their hearts for the stately neoclassical Haus zum Schlossgarten. Aarau was the first capital of an united Switzerland, serving as the seat of administration during the French occupation of 1798. Though it enjoyed political prominence for a brief period, the capital was relocated to Lucerne just six months after it was established.

8. Sleep Peacefully at Zum Graf

Going to sleep at Zum Graf Bed & Breakfast is like sleeping next to the past. In the centre of the historic old town is a quaint structure dating back to the 14th century that was once used as a hair comb factory, bookbinding store, and butchery before being beautifully converted into a guest home.

9. Have a Breakfast at Restaurant Mürset

Restaurant Mürset is a mainstay in Aarau due to its prime location on the Aare River’s picturesque banks, known locally as the Aarauer Riviera. In reality, the ancient building that houses Mürset is home to three distinct dining establishments, including a bohemian brasserie with French flare, a more conventional restaurant serving wonderfully executed Swiss classics, and a wine bar.

10. Have a Tea Break at Hotel Kettenbrücke

After a long day of touring, relaxing with a glass of champagne on the luxurious terrace of the Hotel Kettenbrücke is the perfect way to wind down. There are now at least thirteen (13) Gault Millau points at stake thanks to the restaurants’ upscale, globally inspired menus. Among the finest spots in all of Aargau for a midday tea break.


In Conclusion, Aargau is one of the best places to visit in the world. These are the top things that you must do to have a memorable and good time there. However, make sure to be careful about your health and use PrimApp for Health Insurance Comparison and planning your trip. PrimApp is one of the most popular tools online for health insurance comparison. Comparison on PrimApp is easy as it is available in English, French, and Italian language.

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