Poland is a country in central Europe that is rich in history. Tourists can visit different castles, ascend the Gdansk Tower for views of the Baltic Sea, or make their way to the Auschwitz concentration camp. 

things to do in Poland
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For those who want to explore Polish culture and cuisine, visiting Warsaw is worthwhile. There are plenty of restaurants and markets with fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and bread.

Here are the best things to do in Poland

Poland is a beautiful, historical nation that offers a variety of activities for visitors. One such activity is visiting the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw and seeing the Wall of Death. Another thing to do in Poland would be to visit Gdansk and tour the old town. A night out on the town includes taking in some Polish theater or lounge. After an evening like that, one can enjoy a hearty meal at one of Warsaw’s many restaurants.

You can cycle through the forest, walk through the oldest market square in Europe, head north to discover Viking treasure, or explore cities full of architecture from faraway lands.

Visiting the Jewish cemetery in Warsaw

Firstly, Warsaw is the capital of Poland and home to one of the most severely destroyed Jewish cemeteries in Europe. The Jewish cemetery in Warsaw is a significant site for visitors to learn more about history or Polish culture. 

things to do in Poland
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Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Warsaw Jewish cemetery each year, making it one of Poland’s most popular tourist destinations. The cemetery is the final resting place for many Polish Jews who died while fleeing Nazi persecution. It contains graves of notable figures in Jewish history, including an essential national rabbinical dynasty founded by Warsaw-born Rabbi Ezekiel ben Judah Leib HaCohen Heller.

Seeing the Wall of Death

Secondly, the Wall of Death is a slight amusement popular among circus and carnival crowds. It consists of two relatively horizontal circular boards with a table in between and is often seen as a precursor to the motorcycle race. The rider rides the motorcycle towards the wall and then around it, at which point they would then ride up on the wall. If done correctly, this will cause the rider to propel themselves off of it and onto their feet.

The Wall of Death is a show that was once popular in both Europe and America. This now-defunct traveling show was a motorbike performance. The rider, usually with an assistant on board, would ride inside a large circular track known as “the wall” or “wall of death.” The show would end with one or both riders crashing into the wall.

Visit Gdansk

The largest city in Kashubia, Gdansk, also has historical importance as one of the notable places in Poland and the birthplace of the Solidarity movement and the free trade union Solidarity.

things to do in Poland
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Gdansk is a beautiful city that has hosted many visitors throughout the years. Located near the Baltic Sea, it is a perfect location for anyone looking for a great vacation spot with beautiful beaches in Poland. Gdansk visiting is one of the cool things in Poland.

Cycling through the forest

After the wall, the riders would race on a “Cycling” course marked out by wooden boards. The system was set out in a circular form and was a track on which the riders would race around in a clockwise direction. Cycling through the forest is one of the fun things to do in Poland.

things to do in Poland
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Cycling through the forest in Poland is a magical experience. The trees are so thick and dense that it feels like a true adventure every time. It’s so quiet, with only the sound of my bike, and it smells so fresh. And when you get to the top of a hill and have a panoramic view of the valley below, you can’t help but feel on top of the world!

Walkthrough the Warsaw Old Market Place

The Warsaw Old Market Place is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Nowadays, this market offers food stalls with all sorts of Polish delicacies like pickles (Ogórki kids zone), pierogi, herring (śledź), and more.

things to do in Poland
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Every year, Warsaw residents flock to the city’s Old Market Place to sample food from around the world. The atmosphere of this bustling marketplace is one of joy and excitement. The market itself is lined with stands. That sells everything from Polish staples like pierogies and sauerkraut to the more exotic flavors of jerky and kebabs and fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, sauces, jams, and other culinary delights.

Head north to discover Viking treasure

The Polish government is taking steps to protect the country’s unexplored archeological treasures. A few months ago, Poland’s Minister of Culture and National Heritage urged soldiers patrolling the Polish-Russian border to look for possible antiquities dealers. The Polish government has declared its intention to build an archeological corridor in northern Poland. These plans may finally give archeologists a chance at exploring this largely uncharted territory, which many believe houses Viking treasures.

things to do in Poland
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Northern Poland is home to many ancient treasures, including the only forest burial mound in the country. The treasure found inside this tomb belonged to a prominent individual buried with his favorite horses, presumably for transportation in the next life. The discovery shows that medieval Polish tribes were influenced by their Scandinavian neighbors. Northern Poland is also a popular destination for ice yachting poland, and the earliest mention of Poles outside the old Polish territory is from a 13th-century document that mentions a ‘Polish’ man living in Prague.


In conclusion, Poland is a great place to visit for anyone interested in the history and culture of Eastern Europe. There are plenty of things to do and see, from visiting medieval castles to hiking through the vast forests. If you’re curious about Poland, then take the time and make it happen!

If you’re curious about Poland and what it has to offer, take the time to go and see for yourself! For more best things to do in Poland, visit Journey Index.