As far as Europeans go, Belgium is a somewhat underrated country. And yet, when you stop to think about it, the country has a lot to offer visitors. There are many things to do in Belgium for any traveler. Even if you want to get away from it all, Belgium has some scenic villages in need of exploring. More adventurous travelers will appreciate the breweries in the Flemish Region and the chocolate shops in Brussels.

things to do in Belgium
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There are art museums in Brussels, medieval castles in Bruges and Ghent, and chocolate shops up and down every country’s street. Belgium has a rich history and culture, with some common threads linking them together. Beaches in belgium,Belgium has a coastline along the North Sea that stretches for about 67 kilometers (42 miles). While Belgium may not be as famous for its beaches as some other European countries, it does offer several coastal areas where you can enjoy the seaside.

Here are the best things to do in Belgium

Belgium, a small country about the size of Massachusetts, is a beautiful country with lush forests and scenic countryside. Belgium is a well-known country because it is home to two of the most popular beers – Stella Artois and Leffe. In addition, Belgian chocolate is world-famous. There are plenty of best things to do in Belgium, from visiting sites that date back centuries to enjoying nature walks or sampling the beers and chocolate that the country offers.

Taste the Belgian Chocolate

Firstly, Belgian chocolate is the best kind of chocolate. When you visit Belgium, you can’t deny that Belgian chocolate is better than anything else that’s on offer. Belgian chocolate is so good because it’s made with fresh ingredients and high-quality cocoa, giving it a flavourful taste and texture.

things to do in Belgium
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Belgian chocolate is a world-famous confection that originated in Belgium. This country has been famous for its chocolate, cookies, candies, and other desserts since the 18th century. Today, Belgium has more than 5,000 chocolatiers spread across the country producing over 350 million chocolate each year. On average, Belgians eat about 8 kilograms of chocolate per year.

Drinking the wide variety of craft beers

Secondly, craft beer is a diverse category of beers typically made in smaller batches. They contain more flavor, are artisanal, and are all-natural. Craft breweries have been popping up faster than ever before to meet the demand of discerning drinkers because their customers want something different.

things to do in Belgium
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There were 1,852 new microbreweries established between 2010 and 2015 alone! The Belgian region of Wallonia was home to nearly half (46%) of these small brewers.

Enjoying Belgian Waffle

Thirdly, Belgium is known for its rich waffle tradition. They are typically made of dough, butter, sugar, and eggs, and the batter is poured into the iron-shaped mold with heated oil. One of the most popular varieties is a Brussels waffle with caramelized pearl sugar sprinkled on top. If you’re looking for a light breakfast or snack, these tasty treats will be perfect!

things to do in Belgium
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Belgian waffles are a popular breakfast or brunch item. Belgium is known for its chocolate and beer, so it only makes sense that they would be famous for their waffles as well. Belgian waffles are smaller than American waffles and come out of a dark iron with two thin, crisp, golden-brown rounds on top. You can eat them plain or topped with whipped cream and fruit. One bite into this delicious breakfast will make your mouth water. Belgian waffles are soft and fluffy yet not too sweet. They come in many different flavors, including buttermilk, chocolate, cinnamon sugar, and pecan. Belgian waffles are often served with fresh fruit toppings like strawberries, blueberries, apples, and bananas.

Visiting the Grand Place in Brussels

Forthly, The Grand Place is one of the most visited attractions in Brussels, and it is located between St. Michael and St. Gilbert Cathedral and the Hotel de Ville on Place de la Monnaie. The city’s oldest square has many famous landmarks, including the Marche aux Charbons and the Hôtel de Ville, home to an art museum.

things to do in Belgium
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Places to visit in Belgium, you’ll find the gleaming white Grand Place with its gilded spire and large square. It is a beautiful place to spend a day in a charming European city. The square is full of cafés and restaurants to enjoy a bite to eat, and it is also home to many designer shops. The locals often speak French or Dutch but know how to speak English well enough to give you directions around the city.

Bruges Canals Experience

Bruges is a tourist hot spot with many canals, making for excellent photography opportunities. The many canals and bridges in the city provide a musical backdrop, which contrasts the necessary rows of buildings and combines to make an interesting balance. By wandering around the canals and bridges, it is possible to find scenery unlike any other, as well as an escape from the crowds.

things to do in Belgium
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The main reason for this is because Bruges is located between two major rivers, the Scheldt and the Dijle, which provides an easy way to transport goods up and down these waterways. The beautiful town of Bruges, Belgium, is quite different than any other place in the world. Take, for example, the endless canal system that encircles the city. The canals date back to medieval times when Bruges was a center for trade and commerce. Nowadays, the canals are more of an escape than a connection to history. Exploring this quaint city is like being on vacation with water on almost every side. Beaches in belgium Belgium has a coastline along the North Sea that stretches for about 67 kilometers (42 miles). While Belgium may not be as famous for its beaches as some other European countries, it does offer several coastal areas where you can enjoy the seaside.


In conclusion, Belgium offers locals and tourists alike a variety of activities that all will enjoy. There are many fun things to do in Belgium. Whether it’s visiting the world-famous Belgian chocolate shops, shopping at markets around the country, or exploring the many castles, there is always something new to see. 

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