Accommodations are often quite expensive in Sweden, but there are plenty of things to do in Sweden! Spending some time outside exploring the country will help you appreciate the culture more, and winter is a great time for skiing. There are also many beautiful sites to see, including the Stockholm Archipelago.

The Land of the Midnight Sun is a country to explore and enjoy! Stockholm, Sweden’s capital and largest city, is a destination for many. With its diverse architecture and culinary options, it’s no wonder why people flock to this beautiful city. The Royal Palace, home to King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, is one of the top attractions in Stockholm. It also houses other royal family members such as Princess Christina and Prince Daniel. For the Swedish traveler, one of the best spots for a vacation in Stockholm. Visitors can enjoy a taste of old Europe in this beautiful city by taking in the sights and sounds of Sweden’s capital. See the best that Sweden has to offer with a tour of Stockholm’s National Museum or catch an opera performance at The Royal Opera House. Of course, there’s plenty to do outdoors, too!

Here is the List of Things To Do in Sweden:

Every traveler wants to explore and experience something new. Sweden is a beautiful country with so much to offer and their biggest city, Stockholm, is home to so many interesting attractions. If you want to spend your vacation exploring this vast and extraordinary country, here are some of the best things you should do:

Visit Sweden Royal Castles and Palaces:

The seven best “places to go” in Sweden are the Royal Castles and Palaces. These are located throughout the country, but all are magnificent and offer a glimpse back in time to when these castles were lived in and preserved. Visitors can see how royalty lived and learn about what life was like back then. Traveling to Sweden means visiting ancient castles and palaces that hold centuries of Swedish history.

The castles are visited and preserved because they are the official residences of the Royal House of Sweden, and they reflect the country’s history.

Vasa Museum Sweden’s greatest find:

After being sunk underwater for over 300 years, the Vasa Museum in Sweden’s greatest find was divers. The renowned museum houses the world’s largest archaeological marine excavation ever undertaken. The ship’s hull is preserved with 1,700 tons of herring bound with tar to maintain its shape. It is now possible to walk through the whole boat and get a sense of what life would have been like on board.

things to do in sweden
Image by Monika Neumann from Pixabay

The ship’s deck was once lined with oak, lying on the floor. On this floor are the remains of a long wooden table, once used to eat and drink. A large fireplace was built in the middle of the ship for heating.

Go on an unusual boat tour in Stockholm’s Archipelago:

Stockholm’s Archipelago is one of the most beautiful parts of Sweden, with scenic islands and rocky shores to explore. One way to take in this beauty is by boat. Many tour companies offer boat trips in the Archipelago, but one of the unique tours is the Stockholm Picture Tour presented by Marie Konsert & Tourist. This 3-hour tour ends at the floating restaurant Båten Blå for lunch.

After a short drive to the pier, the boat leaves the dock and makes its way to several beautiful islands. There are plenty of stunning views to take in, including the sheer rock cliffs and colorful sea life.

Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace is situated on an island in the Stockholm archipelago and the largest Royal Palaces in Sweden. It was once a Renaissance castle built by King John III but underwent major reconstruction from 1743 to 1754 during the reign of Queen Lovisa Ulrika. Despite its royal past, Drottningholm Palace has been open to visitors since 1922.

The palace is now owned by the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts and Letters and is open to the public for guided tours. The palace grounds boast a great variety of fountains, greenhouses, and various beautiful buildings.

So much more than a Museum: Fotografiska

Fotografiska couldn’t be more aptly named, for this Stockholm art museum is home to the latest in Scandinavian contemporary photography and one of the world’s best collections of historical images. Housed in an old power station, Fotografiska is equal parts gallery and library; visitors can get lost for hours examining the vast array of old and new artwork.

The oldest work is from the 19th century, and the newest is just a couple of years old, and the collection includes everything from the work of Egon Schiele to the contemporary photography of Thomas Ruff. Head and shoulders above the rest, though, is the work of Eva Lovia.


Kungsträdgården is the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. The park is located in Östermalm and stretches across both sides of the Norrström; it also extends to Skanstull. This park is perfect for relaxation and picnics with its many green spaces. The Baltic Sea lies at its eastern end, giving visitors access to the water.

There is also an abundance of museums, including the National Museum, the Ethnographic Museum, and the Natural History Museum, all covered in this map.

Storkyrkan is the cathedral of Stockholm, Sweden, and one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Sweden Travel Restricted to this Destination:

For those who want to travel abroad, Sweden’s restrictions may not come as good news. Beginning February 10th, Sweden will only allow travelers to go to ‘safe zones’ and other parts of the country designated as restricted areas. This new law applies to all air, sea, and ground transportation.

Beginning February 10th, Sweden will only allow travelers to go to ‘safe zones’ and other parts of the country designated as restricted areas.


In conclusion, Sweden has made a name for itself in the world of travel destinations. There are many things to do in Sweden, so plan your vacation today!

Are you planning a trip to Sweden? You are smart! With so much to see and explore, you won’t regret planning your next vacation around exploring this beautiful country. For more visiting places, things to do, attractions, and more only at Journey Index.