Mainly, Vancouver is one of the most scenic and natural cities in Canada and the USA. Vancouver Beaches, which make up about 10% of Vancouver’s coastline, are a popular destination for many locals and visitors. Gardeners, bird watchers, and nature lovers also find plenty to explore on these shores.

The City of Vancouver has many recreational beaches that are open to the public. The city’s coastline is home to 21 beaches that offer swimming, fishing, and volleyball. Vancouverites also enjoy their unique boating, kayaking, and stand-up paddling opportunities. Known as Canada’s “West Coast Playground,” Vancouver offers an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking and cycling in the beautiful mountain surroundings.

Here are some of the best Vancouver beaches

When visiting Vancouver, many tourists are interested in learning about the beaches in this region. Vancouver has a large variety of beaches for locals and tourists to enjoy, and many of these beaches are located near the Burrard Inlet or English Bay.

Kitsilano Beach

Vancouver beaches
Image by PLabrie from Pixabay

Mainly, Situated on the Pacific coast, Vancouver offers numerous opportunities for visitors to enjoy the warm weather and the great outdoors. One of Vancouver’s most popular outdoor sports is swimming. Residents are lucky to have access to a multitude of beaches that are sheltered from large waves by Vancouver’s offshore islands.

Chestnut Beach

Secondly, Chestnut Beach is a popular summer destination for Vancouverites. Located just south of Spanish Banks, Chestnut beach is one of Vancouver’s quieter, more secluded beaches. The beach often has fewer people than those like English Bay or Kitsilano Beach, and many consider it more family orientated. It is also one of the few beaches on the east coast with lifeguards on duty all season long.

Chestnut Beach is one of the few beaches in Vancouver where people can surf. It is also one of Vancouver’s more popular surfing beaches as it has more consistent surf, and right off the causeway, it catches the most swell.

Jericho Beach

Thirdly, Jericho Beach is a public beach located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Established in 1859 by James Pearsall, Jericho Beach has been a popular site for locals and tourists for over 145 years. One of the most popular features of this beach is its location next to a recreational area that includes tennis courts, a volleyball court, and a playground. It is also the only beach in North Vancouver accessible by public transit.

There have been several theories surrounding the origin of Jericho Beach’s name, but the most commonly held that it came from the Indian word “joy-jou-beau,” meaning “beautiful view.

Spanish Banks Beach

The Spanish Banks Beach is a secluded beach located in the east of Vancouver. Which offers tourists the ocean, sand, and waves. It is pretty popular with people looking to get away from the city for their family vacation or getaway. Surfers often frequent the banks due to the increased opportunities for sound waves at this location.

Image by Tanisha Hamelin from Pixabay

Spanish Banks Beach was originally a surf spot called Larkspur Resort. It was featured in a series of photographs taken in the 1960s. And later developed into Spanish Banks. The Spanish Banks of Vancouver were constructed in 1963.

Wreck Beach

Moreover, Wreck Beach is a clothing-optional beach in Vancouver, Canada. It is the only beach in the world to offer such a lifestyle. For many, it is a sanctuary where they can be themselves. The name “wreck” comes from the fact that it was initially known as Wreckers’ Cove. It was established by mainland European newcomers during Vancouver’s infancy.

Image by Lena Eriksson from Pixabay

At last, The beach is located in the Kitsilano neighborhood on the northern shore of the Burrard Inlet.


Finally, Vancouver beaches are a wonderful place to be. They’re incredible for family fun, and everyone can enjoy them. We encourage you to visit them and enjoy the beautiful summer weather!

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