Prague is a city rich in history and culture. There are many things to do in Prague during your stay in this beautiful city that will be sure to spice up your trip. This article will introduce you to some of the best things to see in Prague, Czech Republic. The city is excellent for someone looking for a tranquil getaway that is still close to nature yet offers all the entertainment of a major city. Prague, Czech Republic, is a beautiful and unique European destination that offers plenty of things for tourists and visitors to do.

Primarily known for being the Czech Republic’s capital, Prague has a lot to offer in terms of things to do. There is no shortage of attractions in this picturesque European city, from museums and galleries to churches and bridges. Prague is well known for its rich history and stunning architecture. However, it may be hard to figure out where to start with such an extensive list of attractions!

Here is a list of things to do in Prague

This list of things to do in Prague is for the curious traveler who wants to know how to make the most out of their trip. Many different experiences await travelers in Prague, depending on what they want to do. This guide provides you with many other possibilities to get visitors started with their trip to this Eastern European city.

After traveling to Prague, we have compiled a list of the things that I enjoyed the most while in this beautiful country. It is a beautiful city with incredible architecture and many things to do, from walking around the town to sitting by the river and reading for hours. Walk through Old Town Square and admire all buildings and historic sites. Ride a horse and carriage tour and take in all of the incredible sights.

Visiting the Infant Jesus of Prague

Hundreds of thousands of people make the pilgrimage to the Infant Jesus of Prague in the Czech Republic every year. This iconic statue is revered not only by Catholics but also by Eastern Orthodox Christians in the region. The statue’s origins are unknown; it was thought it was initially in Germany before being transferred to Prague.

The beautiful Infant Jesus of Prague statue is a holy icon to Catholic Christians. It is located in the Church of Our Lady Victorious, and many people worldwide visit this sacred monument. You can find this statue hidden away in a chapel of the central nave. The sculpture was created by a Czech sculptor named Josef Mánes and was installed in 1755. This church is called the Church of the Baby Jesus of Prague Catholic Church. It contains a famous statue of a baby Jesus that holds a forefinger to its mouth as if telling everyone to keep quiet about what they see.

Prague Castle visiting

Prague Castle visiting is one of the most popular best things to do in Prague. This historic site, also known as St. Vitus Cathedral, is the location of the coronation of Bohemian Kings, Slovak Kings, and Czechoslovak Presidents. The cathedral was established in 1344 by Charles IV. It has the site for many important events throughout history.

There are many things to see on this trip to Prague Castle, from exhibition halls to a library. You can see the castle from the top of the Vysočina Hills and the Astronomical Clock, but you’ll have to wait until the late afternoon to visit the court.

The Old Town Square exploring

Many Czechs and tourists alike enjoy a visit to Old Town Square. It is a historical district in Prague, located near the Vltava River, where many important public buildings are found. It is also known as the heart of Prague, and it boasts a wide variety of architecture. Visitors can see the Gothic Charles Bridge on one side of the square, while on the other side sits an impressive 13th-century medieval tower called Týn Church.

things to do in prague
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The Old Town Square, in the center of Prague, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Europe. However, this is not a place for strolls or people-watching, and there are no chairs on which to sit and watch the world go by. A square is a meeting place for Czechs who come to discuss their lives with each other and often with friends from other countries.

The Treasures of St Vitus Cathedral visiting.

The St Vitus Cathedral is a must-see site when visiting Prague. The majestic cathedral has preserved and modernized to accommodate the needs of the people for over 800 years. It now serves as a museum and includes around 40,000 works of art from its collection that have been designated for preservation by UNESCO. These treasures can be viewed in a guided tour. Visitors are also welcome to explore the church independently.

things to do in prague
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St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, Czech Republic, is home to many treasures. You can see this for yourself when you visit the cathedral with your family. The first treasure is the 15th-century pulpit. It sits three meters high and overlooks the nave. Visitors have always admired this work, and don’t miss the chance to stand below it and look up at what he created! The Cathedral of St Vitus, located in Prague, is one of the most historically significant buildings in Europe. The cathedral stands as a testament to the power and wealth of medieval Bohemia. Today, it is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe, with an impressive interior that houses many valuable items.

The KGB Museum is investigating.

The KGB Museum in Moscow is one of the most famous museums in Russia. It was formerly known as The State Security Committee. Its headquarters changed to Lubyanka Square in 1935. The museum consists of an extensive collection of documents, photographs, newspapers, films, and other items. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was gradually gave to historical societies. It is one of the few remaining KGB buildings that survived the organization’s dissolution at the end of the Cold War. The museum currently hosts over 13,000 objects – documents, photographs, personal items, and equipment used by KGB personnel.

Since a museum dedicated to the KGB opened in Moscow, many Russians have been looking into their past. In their own words, “the KGB Museum is a space where visitors can feel what it was like to be a citizen of the Soviet Union during the entire period of the existence of the People’s Republic.


In conclusion, there are many fun things to do in Prague. The city is home to the world-famous Prague Castle, the most important Czech history and culture monument. You can also walk through Old Town Square and take a boat ride down the Vltava River. Whether you want to go shopping or see a show, there is something for everyone in Prague. For more things to do on vacations, Visit Journey Index.