For those travellers looking for an adventure, Guatemala is the place to be. Situated at the heart of Central America, this country offers a wide variety of activities for all tastes. From trekking through the mountains to exploring dense jungles, Guatemala has many things to do. If you’re looking for an adventurous time, Guatemala is the place to go. Spanning over 125,000 square miles of land set in Central America, the country has something for everyone.

things to do in guatemala
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Many people do not know that Guatemala is a beautiful country with many natural and historical sites. The government has much to offer, from mountains and lakes to volcanoes and ancient ruins. Visitors should be aware of precautions they need to take while travelling in this region of Central America due to the dangerous location. It recommends that travellers keep their passports on them at all times, stay away from demonstrations, and bring their food instead of eating street food.

Here is the list of best things to do in Guatemala

There are many places to visit in Guatemala time when travelling to Guatemala. You can go hiking in the mountains near Lake Atitlan for the outdoorsy types. If you’re into history, be sure to visit Tikal National Park, one of the most famous Mayan ruins in Central America. You can also relax with a drink at one of many quaint bars or try your luck fishing on Lake Atitlan.

Hiking in the mountains

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, when is the best time to visit Guatemala a natural beauty that attracts many tourists, and it is near the mountains, which are home to scenic hikes. Hiking in the mountains near Lake Atitlan can be challenging but rewarding, and the feeling of accomplishment after completing a walk is incomparable to anything else. Besides being very rewarding, hiking in the mountains exposes you to nature at its best!

things to do in guatemala
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Lake Atitlan is one of the many lakes in Guatemala. There are beautiful mountains. Hiking in the mountains near Lake Atitlan is a great way to experience its beauty. Here are some hiking trails you can try: El Camino, El Telesecundario, La Mina, Cocopan Dulce, or El Picacho.

Visit Tikal National Park

Tikal National Park has been one of the most popular destinations in Central America for travellers. With temples over 2,000 years old, monuments that are almost 500 feet tall, and stunning scenery, Tikal is a sight to see. The park also offers various activities such as bird watching, horseback riding, zip-lining, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and more.

things to do in guatemala
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The park locates near the Guatemalan border, accessible by car or bus. Tikal is open year-round, with daily opening hours between 7 am-4 pm. Admission costs $10 per person (children under 12 free). There’s also an entrance fee if you want to visit the ruins at night. When entering Tikal, you will need your passport, so make sure it’s valid!

Mayan ruins in Central America

When most people think of the Mayan culture, they envision giant temples and pyramids, such as the famous Tikal in Guatemala. The ruins reveal a far more elaborate and complex society than we ever anticipated.

things to do in guatemala
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The Maya people are one of the most intriguing civilizations of the ancient Americas. They left great stone monuments, beautiful temples, and sophisticated writing systems. The Mayan ruins that still stand in Central America offer an insight into their history, culture, and belief system. Today, there are more than 125 archaeological sites to find Maya ruins. These sites contain windows looking back in time to the great civilization that was here before us.

Drink at one of many quaint bars

Within the streets of Guatemala City, one can find many bars. Many of these bars offer drinks for tourists and locals alike. Sometimes the glasses are made with fruits grown in Guatemala, including mangoes, avocados, tamarindo, pineapple, bananas, plátanos, and more. Tourists come here to experience the culture and taste the food that is native to this part of Central America.

things to do in guatemala
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Visitors to Guatemala will find themselves immersed in its rich, refreshing culture. From the Mayan ruins to the bustling city of Guatemala City, there are many opportunities to explore. And for those who enjoy an evening drink with friends, there are many quaint bars throughout the country.

Fishing on Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is a popular destination for travellers who love to fish. Located on the Guatemalan side of Lake Atitlán, this lake offers various species and sizes of fish; some people even go as far as saying there’s a type of fish for everyone! The fishing industry brings in an estimated $138 million to the country each year but has declined recently because of unregulated fishing practices such as dynamite fishing.

things to do in guatemala
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The best time to visit Lake Atitlan is during the dry season (May-November) when it’s not too hot, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to worry about getting wet. The lake itself is surrounded by lush tropical forests home to many birds, monkeys, butterflies, lizards, snakes, frogs, turtles, iguanas, bats, and other animals.


In conclusion, there are many things to do in Guatemala City. It is a beautiful, vibrant city with plenty of cultures to offer. There are tours you can take, markets that sell all varieties of goods, and markets with specialty items. You can also go on day trips to see ancient Maya ruins or visit the Pacific coast. There’s never a dull moment when in Guatemala City! 

If you are looking for an exciting place to visit, think about Guatemala City! For more interesting best things to do in Guatemala, follow Journey Index.