Portugals beaches are the envy of the world. These beautiful sandy shores attract tourists from all over to see how lucky Portugal’s people are. The country has abundant natural resources, and its beaches are no exception. Whether you decide to lay out under the sun or explore the sea itself, these locations will make for an unforgettable vacation.

portugal beaches
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There are many best beaches in Portugal. Whether you visit the sandy shores in the Algarve or the rocky coast in Lisbon, Portugal offers an array of beaches. If you want to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, then head to Baleal Beach in Peniche. This beach is known for its waves that are perfect for surfing.

Here is the list of Portugal beaches

If you want to go swimming, Portugal has a paradise of beautiful beaches for you! Portuguese beaches are known for their quality from the Algarve region up to the northernmost point of Europe. The waters are a deep blue, and the sand is white and soft.

The top beaches in Portugal include Praia da Marinha, Praia D’El Rey.

Praia da Marinha

Praia da Marinha is a large, famous beach on the north coast of Portugal that locals and tourists often frequent. The beach is located in the municipality of Sesimbra and is a part of a national park. The white sands and crystal clear waters will leave you spell-bound, and you will fall in love with the beaches.

portugal beaches
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Praia da Marinha is one of the most well-known beaches in the country. The pristine water on this beach makes it perfect for swimming and sailing, while the soft sand on the shoreline is ideal for sunbathing. A recent increase in tourism has seen more hotels built near the beach, making it a popular place to be during the summer months. This beautiful beach is the perfect place to enjoy a family vacation.

Praia D’El Rey

Praia D’El Rey is another famous beach in Portugal. This beach is on the northern coast in the city of Vila Real. Its clean and crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming, are excellent. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal. Praia D’El Rey is the perfect place to enjoy a family vacation.

portugal beaches
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There is a range of restaurants, bars, and shops, making it a popular destination for tourists. Praia D’El Rey is a relatively new beach in the country, and the beach is in the north of the city, in a peninsula protected by a small harbor.


Lisbon beach is a popular location for people to spend their summer vacation, and it’s often considered one of the best places to visit in Portugal. It has the perfect combination of water and sand with scenic views of the mountains in the background. Visitors can take a break from their day in one of the many restaurants or cafes in Lisbon to enjoy delicious Portuguese food. Lisbon beach is lined with palm trees and offers a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from hotels and hostels to more affordable options like camping and public beaches. A beach is an excellent place for tourists to enjoy an active vacation while exploring the best places to visit in Portugal.

portugal beaches
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Lisbon has many beaches, and one is most known for its incredible sunsets in summers. This beach is in the neighborhood of Algés, and its name is Praia da Adraga. The reason this beach has fantastic sunsets is that it’s on an estuary that’s next to the Atlantic Ocean. Along the promenade, you can find a volleyball court, and there are benches where people can sit and enjoy their time at the beach.


Carcavelos is a beach located in the north of Portugal. It is a large, long beach on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. This beach is accessible by train, bus, taxi, or car. Mainly, the train station is located on the other side of the bay from the beach proper, while buses are available on Rua Abraão Lima. It is a small but beautiful beach with a long coastline, making it very popular among tourists. Another reason why this beach is so famous is the area around it.

portugal beaches
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It has many small restaurants and cafés that are perfect for tourists to stop in and take a break from their day. Carcavelos is a great tourist destination for people who want to explore Portuguese culture.


Cascais is one of the Lisbon Portugal beaches. It is one of the most famous locations for surfing—this beach is in the vicinity of Lisbon. The beach is well known for the many restaurants that are there. Some of the most popular ones are the traditional seafood restaurants and the many seafood restaurants located on the beach.

portugal beaches
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The Portuguese government announced that they would be implementing new rules about when tourists can enter the country to avoid overcrowding. Starting September 15th, 2019, visitors will only be allowed three days per week in the country, meaning that each visitor will only come in every other Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Other days are dedicated to residents in Portugal to use their beaches without restriction.

Baleal Beach in Peniche

Baleal Beach is a popular destination for the Portuguese people who live in or vacation near Peniche. The coastline is 7 kilometers long and offers white sand on the north side and two pebble beaches on the south side. The south beaches are usually more crowded during the summer months, while many locals come to Baleal Beach on weekends to enjoy its peace and tranquility.

portugal beaches
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Baleal Beach is an iconic surf beach on the Northeastern coast of Portugal, known for its long, sandy shoreline and large, fun waves perfect for surfing and bodyboarding Portugal enthusiasts. It’s located near one of the oldest European settlements in Peniche and has some of the best fishing in the world.


In conclusion, Portugal’s beaches are not just tourist attractions. And they are large stretches of land that provide beachgoers with relief from the heat during the hot summer months. You have something to protect these beautiful destinations.

The Portugal beaches need to be protected because they provide relief for beachgoers during the hot summer months. For more beaches, visit Journey Index.