Every year, Indonesia attracts over 5 million tourists and is the 4th most visited country in Asia. This beautiful islet has a variety of tourist destinations to choose from and offers something for everyone. The famous Mt. Bromo, located in East Java. It offers breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset and its scenic landscape. In Indonesia, tourist places give you a wonderful experience to enjoy with your family and friends.

Indonesia Tourist Places
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The second most popular tourist destination in Indonesia is the Islandisland of Bali. This is a great place to enjoy the many different cultures, food, and festivities. The people of Bali support livable tourism and make sure that this island’s beauty is preserved. Mainly, Indonesia was the first country connected to the outside world by sea travel.

Here are the top best Indonesia tourist places

With an plenty of natural beauty and cultural diversity. Indonesia is an excellent place to visit. Here are the top best Indonesia tourist places. Sumatra is home to Orangutans and Tigers and is one of the most biodiverse areas on planet Earth.

Tourists visiting Indonesia will find untold places to visit and explore. These include sparkling tropical beaches, adventurous trekking through the jungles of Sumatra, and the ancient city of Yogyakarta. Meanwhile, adventure seekers can also hike Gili Meno’s trails or swim with dolphins in Bali. If you’re wondering about the best things to do in Indonesia, here you can find Indonesia beautiful places.


Firstly, Bali is a small island in Indonesia with many wonders. There are beautiful temples, magnificent volcanoes, and the most amazing beaches globally. The most popular tourist destination in Bali is Kuta Beach which boasts surfers from all over the globe year-round. Unfortunately, not all of Bali’s natural beauty has been preserved due to deforestation and pollution.

indonesia tourist places
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Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. It is the number 1 destination for tourists in Southeast Asia. Bali is one of the famous places in Indonesia.


Secondly, Yogyakarta, also known as Jogja. It is the capital of Indonesia’s Yogyakarta Special Region. It is located on the Island island of Java, and it is one of its major cultural centers with beautiful temples and palaces.

indonesia tourist places
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Yogyakarta is home to the most major university in Indonesia. The Prambanan temple complex contains Indonesia’s largest and most well-preserved Buddhist temples. Importantly, the “sari-sari” shops are a type of local shopping center.

Komodo National Park

Thirdly, Komodo National Park is home to 10,000 Komodo dragons. This is one of the world’s largest and most dangerous predators. It is known as the “land of dragons,” The park covers over 1,600 square kilometers and consists mainly of rugged mountains and thick jungles. It was first established as a conservation-protected area in 1980. After that, it was designated as a national park in 1990.

indonesia tourist places
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This is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. The park receives about 100 visitors each day who head out on guided tours or go on their trek. It is one of the world’s largest and most dangerous predators.


Lombok is a volcanic island in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands. This is home to some of the most sacred Hindu and Buddhist temples in Indonesia. Lombok is an incredible place of natural beauty and rich culture. Here you can find beaches, volcanoes, and lush jungles. Moreover, it’s a popular tourist destination. It is rich with tourist attractions and beautiful scenery.

indonesia tourist places
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The Island of Lombok has 3 million people and stretches for 610 kilometers. Similarly, the coastal regions reaching about 190 kilometers. The whole of Lombok is mountainous, with the highest point being Mount Rinjani. Meanwhile, this is 4,768 meters above sea level. It is the largest island in Nusa Tenggara province. This is locally known as West Nusa Tenggara. We’re glad to see this number will only continue to grow.

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park has been attracting a lot of international attention. It has unique volcanic landscapes. Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park is a natural wonder. It is one of the most dominental religious sites in the world.

indonesia tourist places
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The name of the park comes from two words: Bromo and Tengger. In other words, the Bromo word refers to a crater formed by a volcanic explosion. The Tengger word means “high mountain,” a fitting name for the park.


In conclusion, if you are in the mood to visit some of the best tourist attractions in Indonesia, you should consider visiting one or more of these fabulous destinations. However, it’s essential to plan your trip carefully, taking into account the best time to visit Indonesia. You can start by exploring Bunaken National Marine Park in Manado for a diving experience.

In addition, this is a place with beautiful landscapes. To know about all over the countries and tourism places, visit the Journey Index website.