Darjeeling is a picturesque hill station in West Bengal, India. It is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations and is well worth visiting any time of year. The best time to visit Darjeeling was during the winter when the landscape was blanketed with snow, and the temperatures were mild.

Darjeeling is a place that has seen a lot of change in recent years. The city is now home to a growing tourist population, with attractions such as the tea gardens and Mount Everest attracting visitors from all over the world. However, some things still make Darjeeling unique and ensure visitors enjoy their stay.

Here is the List of Best times to go to Visit Darjeeling

Darjeeling has a temperate climate with an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit Darjeeling is from March to May when the weather is mild and there is little humidity.

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There are a variety of attractions and activities that you can do in Darjeeling, so make sure to check out the list below to get started!

Best Season to Visit Darjeeling

The best time to visit Darjeeling is spring and fall when the weather is temperate and there’s plenty of action in the city. And the trees bloom, and autumn, when the leaves change color. The summers can be sweltering and humid, while the winters are cold and cloudy. There are many reasons to visit Darjeeling, including its stunningly beautiful scenery.

Spring and Fall Season are the Best Seasons to Visit Darjeeling

Spring and fall are the best seasons to visit Darjeeling because of the mild weather and the leaves changing color. The weather during these months is generally mild, with pleasant breezes and few rain drops. There are plenty of tourist attractions during these seasons, such as misty valleys, colorful blooms, and impressive peaks.

Best Month to Visit Darjeeling

Based on weather and tourist influx, Darjeeling is a fantastic destination in the best months. October to March are the best months to see as the climate is temperate with a pleasant breeze, followed by April to September. The warm and sunny weather with moderate breezes makes it an excellent time for visitors to explore Darjeeling without hassle.

October to March Months

October to March is considered the best month to visit Darjeeling, and this is because the weather is generally mild, with temperatures averaging around 33 degrees Celsius. The hills are also somewhat less crowded during this time of year.

Another advantage to visiting during these months is that there is less chance of rain. Beginning from October until March, Darjeeling’s weather is comparatively mild. The temperature ranges between 23 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius throughout the month, making it the perfect time for a vacation in this hill station. The other good reason to visit Darjeeling during these months is that the crowds are at their lowest and you can avail of special offers and discounts.

Best Time to Visit Darjeeling

The best time to visit Darjeeling is morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Darjeeling mornings are typically calm and precise, while the evenings can be a bit warmer. Morning and afternoon are the best times to visit because the hills are still cool and there is little traffic. Nighttime temperatures can be chilly, but it’s also generally quieter.

Morning and Afternoon

Darjeeling is a beautiful place to visit any time of the day. Morning time is the best time to visit Darjeeling. The hills are still cool, and the sun is not as hot. The locals are also more active during these times, walking around and enjoying the scenery.

The city is known for tea, and visitors to the area should try to visit during the morning or afternoon. When the sun is out and the temperatures are more relaxed. Morning and afternoon are the best times to visit Darjeeling because there is less traffic, and it’s also when the town is most tranquil.

Best Occasion to Visit Darjeeling

Here are some best occasions to visit Darjeeling: 

1) Christmas: Christmas is the best time to visit Darjeeling. The town comes alive with lights and festivities.

2) New Year’s Eve: Another popular holiday in Darjeeling is New Year’s Eve.

New Year Occasion is the Best Occasion to Visit Darjeeling

New Year’s Eve is always a joyous occasion in Darjeeling. Even though winter is the best time to visit because of the fewer tourists and lower temperatures. This occasion attracts tourists full of lights.

Best Festival to Visit Darjeeling

There are many festivals in Darjeeling that are worth attending. Some of the best festivals to visit are the Durga Puja, Garba Festivals, and Christmas Festival.

Garba Festival

There is no denying that the best time to visit Darjeeling is the Garba Festival. Held annually in late October or early November, this colorful and lively festival celebrates the traditional folk dance of Gujarat, India. There are Garba dances performed by artists from India and Nepal, as well as international participants, and the festivity is a joy to behold. 

If you’re looking for a fun-filled festival to attend in Darjeeling, look no further than the annual Garba Festival! This event is jam-packed with colorful dancing and music. It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy good vibes with your friends. Not to mention, the scenery is stunning during Garba time!


In conclusion, the best time to visit Darjeeling is from September to November, when the mild weather and the tea plantations bloom. If you want a more peaceful and less touristy experience, visit during the winter months from December to February.

If you’re looking for some adventure, plan your trip during the springtime from March to May, when the hills are alive with blooming flowers. Thanks for reading and visit again the Journey Index.