Best Places to Visit in Italy: Pizza, pasta, the treasures of ancient Rome, the romantic cities of the Bay of Naples, the soaring heights of Vesuvius and Etna the picture-perfect canals of Venice, and some of the most fascinating museums and galleries on the planet are just a few.

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One of the delights reserved for travelers heading to this true jewel of the Mediterranean. Here, we take a look at all of the top locations in Italy, to help potential visitors to The Boot get the best itinerary. Here are the Best Places to Visit in Italy! Enjoy…

Here is the list of Best Places to Visit in Italy


Firstly, Rome, the Eternal City, is the epicenter of perhaps the most powerful European empire in history. The stomping ground of the Vatican, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the majestic Platine Hill, the winding Tiber River, the elegant Villa gardens.

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Borghese, the totemic works of Caravaggio and Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini – the list goes on! A truly wish-list city, if there ever was one, the Italian capital attracts everyone from history buffs to honeymooners. Whether you wander the streets of the Centro Storico and the bustling open-air pizzerias of Piazza Navona, the romantic alleys of Trastevere, or even the ancient two-millennium stones of Via Appia Antica spilling out of the city, this city is sure to impress.

Cinque Terre – Best Places to Visit in Italy

Secondly, Visited by thousands of people each year, this truly photogenic section of the Italian Riviera is dotted with the beautiful cities of Manarola, Riomaggiore, and Vernazza.

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Each of these is famous for its rows of historic houses painted in pastel and icy colors. Jutting out of the coastal rocks in a glorious way. Meanwhile, in Monterosso, travelers flit between the new town and the sun-kissed sands of the town’s beach, sipping Piedmont wines and munching on the region’s famous pesto and focaccia pasta.


Thirdly, The Tuscan capital is a veritable box of chocolates for culture lovers. It was here, during the Italian energy boom of the 15th century, that the city became the incubator of the European Renaissance.

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That means galleries like the famous Uffizi are pack with masterpieces by artists like

  • Caravaggio
  • Botticelli
  • Albrecht Durer

While the Galileo Museum chronicles. The successes of progressive scientists of the time.

There are also the revered outlines of Michelangelo’s David in the Galleria dell ’Accademia, while the Old Town Duomo is one of the most glorious in Italy. Shopping in the jewelers of the beautiful Ponte Vecchio is also a success, as is the lively summer nightlife of Florence.

Bergamo – One of the Best Places to Visit in Italy

Likewise, Crowned by a glorious Old Town area (the Citta Alta). This true gem of the Lombardy region is regularly overlooked by travelers heading straight for the Como and Garda lakes.

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Offender! Those lingering can head to the walled area of the Upper Town to experience the cobbled streets and dirt pizzerias that abound,

  • Peek into Piazza Vecchia,
  • Home to the bubbling Contarini fountain
  • Towering Campanone tower.
  • The arched walkways of the pretty Citadels.

Even further up the hill in the middle of the city, and connected by a funicular, is the charming village of San Vigilio, which boasts panoramic views of the foothills of the Italian Alps and some beautiful places to dine.


After that, Visitors here can explore the ruined remains of a 2nd-century amphitheater in the morning and venture behind the glorious facades of churches such as

Best Places to Visit in Italy
Image by Pascal Wiemers from Pixabay
  • San Giovanni Battista
  • The Church of the Holy Cross
  • Lecce Cathedral, with the bell tower atop by the afternoon.

Finally, the city is also packed with sun-drenched squares, where ice cream holes in the wall give way to attractive wine bars promoting the famous labels of Apulian wineries.


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