We’ve compiled a list of some of the best beaches in California. You can enjoy all that the state has to offer. Whether you are seeking a paradise getaway with your loved ones or are interested in surfing waves in California. According to Surfer Magazine, there are so many beaches for every kind of activity. The weather is excellent year-round in California, which means you can visit it at any time.

best beaches in California
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The Golden State has no shortage of beautiful beaches. California has sandy white beaches perfect for tanning, long walks on the shoreline, and relaxing in clear blue water from the north to the south. The warm climate, calm waves, and crystal clear water make any beach in California a great pick, but specific beaches are even better than others.

Here are the best beaches in California

The Pacific Coast of California is full of many gorgeous beaches and resorts. It’s impossible to pick the best one, but we can narrow it to a few favorites—the most popular destination for tourists is Santa Monica Beach, which has the best surfing conditions. Suppose you want to relax and take in some sunsets or indulge in high-end shopping, head over to Pacific Palisades.

Beaches are one of the most popular summer activities. California has so many beautiful beaches, and however, for this article, we are listing beaches in California.

Santa Barbara Beach also provides incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and nearby Channel Islands National Park. The golden shores of California are known for their beautiful beaches, many of which are well-known California landmarks. One such beach is the Newport Beach Pier, or just ‘the Pier’. Here you can find a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean with Orange County in the distance. But it doesn’t stop at the ocean! There are many other activities to enjoy including surfing, paddleboarding, and viewing dolphins.

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach is a large, artificial beach that spans many miles in length. It stretches from the Santa Monica Pier north to Venice Beach. There are free showers and bathrooms available at the entrance to the beach. Since it is one of the most popular beaches in Los Angeles, parking can be challenging to find when visiting Santa Monica Beach.

best beaches in California
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Santa Monica Beach is one of Southern California’s most popular destinations for beachgoers. The 5 mile stretch of sand is the perfect place to soak up the sun, body surf, or relax on the beach. Visitors can enjoy walking along the iconic pier, watching dolphins swim by in the harbor, or shopping along the 3rd Street Promenade.

Santa Barbara Beach

Santa Barbara Beach is the best beach in California, but it’s also one of the most treacherous. If your goal is to get an unaffected experience without the hustle and bustle of any nearby city, this is the place for you. The sand is soft and white, waves are gentle enough for children to play. The water will soothe you while you lay back on your beach towel.

best beaches in california
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Santa Barbara Beach is a popular vacation destination for people worldwide. It’s just 75 miles south of Los Angeles and close to many famous Southern California attractions. With the average temperature in the high 60s, Santa Barbara is the perfect place to spend a day at the beach. This small coastal city is home to some of California’s most beautiful coastline, including dunes, tide pools, and family-friendly rest areas.

The sand on Santa Barbara’s beaches is unusually soft for this area of California, making it an even better destination for families looking for something other than hard sand to play on.

Newport Beach Pier

The Newport Beach Pier is an excellent place for people to spend the day. Sandy beaches are something many people strive for when looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Some determine that these sandy beaches are worth the drive, while others go out in search of sandy beaches near me. One location that locals often frequent is Orange County in Newport Beach Pier.

best beaches in California
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This pier is just a short drive away from many neighborhoods, including Costa Mesa, Tustin, Irvine, and Newport Coast. This pier is much smaller than some of the other beaches in Newport Beach, but it is still a great place to spend time with your family. The Newport Beach Pier has a small, open beach perfect for the family, and children can play in the surf while parents relax on the sand.

Malibu beach

Malibu is a beautiful California beach. The first is the Getty Museum which houses priceless art treasures, and the second is the Malibu Pier. Along the pier are shops, restaurants, and entertainment for visitors to enjoy. 

best beaches in California
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The Malibu coast is a popular spot for people looking to surf, surfboard, or even enjoy the sun. One of the most popular beaches is Malibu State Beach. With a long stretch of sand and gentle waves, it’s an excellent place for people to go to spend the day. The beach also has visitors from all over – from celebrities to average families. There are no homes on this beach, so it feels crisp and clean with plenty of space for everyone!

Laguna Beach

Laguna beach is one of the most scenic beaches in California. It offers an incredible variety of activities that allow visitors to experience something new each time they visit. One of the most popular things is to rent a kayak and paddle around the beautiful water, but it’s also fun to play on the surf rental stand or make sandcastles with children.

best beaches in California
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Located just 10 miles from Newport Beach, Laguna Beach is a great place to go if you’re looking for a different kind of beach. It’s secluded, meaning it’s not very crowded, and it’s easy to feel like you’re in a different world.

San Diego

The San Diego beach is an iconic symbol of the city. The beach starts in Oceanside in the north and goes all the way south to the border of Mexico. There are many different beaches in this stretch, but they are all beautiful with incredible views. Along the coast, there are also beautiful cities to explore.

best beaches in California
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San Diego beaches offer some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline globally. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southern California. The city is home to over twenty miles of sandy shores, with many different types of beaches for you to explore.

Long Beach

Long Beach, CA, is a coastal city located in southern California. The city has a population of 462,257 and is the 48th most populous city in the United States. Long Beach is known for its highly diverse citizenry and rich culture. It’s also home to many entertainment facilities, such as the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Queen Mary ocean liner, and various movie studios.

best beaches in California
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Long Beach, California, is a coastal community that developed into a hub for tourism, industry, and trade. It is home to one of the busiest ports in the US and an array of cultural attractions. Long Beach’s rich history, coupled with its current state, has led to an impressive revival in the past decade, which has made it one of the top tourist destinations in Southern California.


In conclusion, the best beaches in California are not necessarily the most famous. Instead, they are places where you can spend time with your family, enjoy amazing views, and have plenty of spots to explore.

The best beaches in California may not be well-known to outsiders, but they are unforgettable nonetheless. Whether you want a place for a relaxing day by the water with your family or some adventurous exploration, there’s something for everyone here at these hidden gems. For more California vacations, visit Journey Index.