This Continent is the driest, coldest and windiest continent. Antarctican Continent contains 90 percent of all the ice on Earth in an area just under 1.5 times the size of the United States. If people visit Antarctica they will not miss these places.

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The best time to visit these places is usually summer, from November to March. There are no accommodation options in Antarctica and all tourists usually stay on expedition boats.

Awesome Places To Visit In Antarctica

These are the top most attractive tourist spots in Antarctica. People who visit Antarctica Continent will not miss these places.

South Shetland Islands

Firstly, Located at a distance of 160 km north of the Antarctic Peninsula, the spectacular South Shetland Island is one of the most visited sites in Antarctica. The island is completely covered in ice and is home to some of the most unbelievable fjords and glaciers.

Eight different countries maintain research stations on the islands throughout the year, with the majority of the stations located on King George Island. There is an island called Deception Island, it is collapsed one.

Antarctica Peninsula

Secondly, This is the northernmost part of Antarctica. Mainly it is home to a wide variety of polar fauna. It comprises waterways strewn with icebergs along with narrow passages that are frequented by expedition cruises with landings made in natural harbors and outlying islands of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Antarctica Peninsula
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Tourists visit the peninsula for the stunning scenery with a combination of expansive skies and towering glaciers. The place is more popular for penguin colonies and cormorant colonies. But, the migration season offers a variety of opportunities to spot the nearest minke, humpback, and killer whales.

Drake Passage

Meanwhile, this passage includes a wide stretch of water between South America and Antarctica that stimulates a world of experience. Tourists visiting the place should be aware of the stomach upset created by waves, gales, and excitement. Enjoy viewing the giant albatross from the deck as you join the fascinating wildlife and geography awareness sessions.

Drake Passage
Image by michelle2214 from Pixabay

After approaching these continents people will not miss this spectacular colossal iceberg.

Falkland Islands

In Addition, These reserve-based Falkland Islands are known for their abundant biodiversity, making them one of the most visiting places in Antarctica. Offering a wide range of nesting areas, the islands offer the best birding experience alongside a host of marine animals.

Here you can meet people sharing on the island of Port Stanley exploring all of their lifestyles and habits. Enjoy touring Port Stanley, home to a wide variety of fish, cutlet chips, and red phone booths.

South Georgia

South Georgia has a long, narrow island known as the Alps, located in the middle of the ocean. People who visited south Georgia enjoy the low grasslands and the mighty glaciers. Moreover, South Georgia is one of the most visited places.

South Georgia
Image by Wolfgang Sauck from Pixabay

The photogenic remains of the whaling stations along with the relics make the place worth visiting.

Above all, are the beautiful attractions in the Antarctica continent. Most people visit the South Shetland Islands for enjoying the beauty of nature and click many landscapes and people who visit Antarctica will not miss the five places. Similarly, we have more places to visit in Antarctica. In the same vein, we will come up with more places in coming articles.


After reading this beautiful content plan a holiday in the snow-clad land of penguins and whales. After that, plan a trip to Antarctica now to experience the beauties of this continent, something that will not disappoint you.

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