Every place you can visit in Rajasthan has a significant historical significance, like The Land of Royal Rajputs. With the variety of gorgeous tourist spots in Rajasthan such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ajmer, Pushkar, Bikaner, Ranthambore, and Chittorgarh, There’s plenty to satisfy the wanderlust of any visitor. Finally, each city within Rajasthan is considered one of the top places to visit in Rajasthan. Rajasthan packages offer a tour to Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Bundi, Shekhawati, or any other city you might think of, there is something intriguing about the city that makes it deserving to visit.

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Jaisalmer The Golden City

The golden hills and castles with gold-colored sandstone make Jaisalmer an unforgettable trip. Narrow alleyways surround its Jaisalmer Fort. In the past, it was proud and sturdy and protected its residents from any enemies. Today, Jaisalmer is one of the top tourist spots for visiting in Rajasthan. This is one of the places to visit in Rajasthan.

Mount Abu, A beautiful hill station located in Rajasthan

One of the hill stations in Rajasthan, Mount Abu’s lovely conditions and its lush surroundings make it among the most popular tourist spots you can visit while in Rajasthan. Built more than two-century ago, the magnificent architectural style of the Dilwara temples is the main tourist attraction, along with additional lakes and points.

Ajmer, Make a wish on Dargah Sharif

Ajmer is often regarded as one of the top places to visit in Rajasthan. It was a bystander for the full force of the Mughal power. You can see the stunning Mughal architecture here. That is nearby the spirit of religion.

Ajmer is also among the most revered religious tourist destinations in Rajasthan for Jains due to the Golden Jain Temple. The city is nearby mountains and Aravali ranges. And it is well-known for its Shrine of Saint Muin-ud-din-Chishti. Many religious believers worldwide converge on the city in Urs celebrations to mark the anniversary of the death of saint Moinuddin Chishti RA. Tourists who visit Pushkar can also make a stop in Ajmer to spend the day.

Jodhpur, The Blue City

Jodhpur is well-known due to its Mehrangarh fort, blue houses, temples, sweets, and snacks. It is also known as the Blue City. And the Gateway to the Thar Desert. The former capital city of Marwar, Jodhpur, with its powerful Mehrangarh fort that overlooks the city is among the top places to go in Rajasthan.

The city, from the fort, is blue due to its blue walls and blue-colored houses. Jodhpur attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year from all over the world.

Ranthambore is one of the most beautiful National parks in India

Ranthambore is regarded as one of the top reserves for tigers in the country. And it is among the most popular tourist spots in Rajasthan. Alongside the possibility of seeing a tiger basking in the sunshine, Ranthambore has rich flora and fauna, making it among the most popular places to visit in Rajasthan. In the foothills between Vindhya and Aravali Hills, Ranthambore’s safaris can be an adrenaline-filled day.

Bikaner The town in the desert of Camel Festival

Bikaner, one of the most beautiful places in Rajasthan, is located within the Thar Desert. It is a place of culture and a tourist’s paradise and the town that hosts “The Camel Festival.” Dunes bashing and desert safaris are among the main tourist attractions that make Bikaner an incredible place that you can visit while in Rajasthan. Bikaner holds an International Camel Festival that attracts numerous visitors. The festival is when it is very difficult to find accommodation and for a reasonable price. An InterMiles member will allow you to find the perfect hotel for the lowest price while earning miles for your hotel booking.

Pushkar is the only dedicated Brahma Temple and the Mesmerising Camel Fair

Pushkar Mela is one of the biggest camel fairs across the world. It takes place in November and is a well-known occasion. Pushkar is a tiny temple town located around 15km from Ajmer within Rajasthan. Pushkar is located within the Aravali range and has gradually changed from a place for worship to an international hotspot attracted by tourists from across the globe. When you’re in Pushkar, you can enjoy your evenings seated at the Ghats, sipping chai, or taking a stroll along the narrow streets, and you’ll likely hear your soul calling to you.

Bharatpur is also known as”The Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan

Bharatpur is located within the Braj region. In addition, an extremely interesting spot to explore within the Land of Royal Rajputs. It’s about 38 kilometers from Mathura. Bharatpur is famous for being the home of Keoladeo National Park. A refuge for more than 350 species of animals and birds. The National Park, locally known as Ghana, is a winter refuge to Siberian Crane, a species on the brink of becoming extinct. The place where many gardens are, Bharatpur, is one leg of the Golden Tourism Triangle consisting of Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan’s capital city.

Alwar, The Tiger Gate of Rajasthan

On the way to Delhi in the direction of Rajasthan Alwar is the initial major city. It is located 150 km to the south of Delhi and 150 kilometers to the north of Jaipur. Alwar is an ancient city. Here you can see a variety of forts, nature, and reserves for tigers, as well as Havelis. In addition, it was labeled as the first and the earliest Rajput state to join the British empire. Milk-cake (‘Alwar ka mawa’) and its fort make it among the top places to go in Rajasthan.

Chittorgarh, City of Pride and Honor

Chittorgarh is the capital of the former Kingdom of Mewar. It steeped in folklore. And features numerous epics of the past. The history buffs will vouch for our claims that it’s one of the top places to go to in Rajasthan. Chittorgarh Fort is the largest fort in India, constructed on the top of a hill with 700 acres.

The impressive fortress will remain in the memory of those who witnessed the infamous Jauhar’s act of self-immolation, which Rani Padmini committed to preventing the capture of the fortress by Khilji Alauddin. The locals regarded the fortress as Padmini Palace and named it in honor of the queen Padmini herself, constructed with huge roof pavilions, massive pilasters, and underground tunnels. The controversial Bollywood film ‘Padmavati’ was also shot in this location.

Shekhawati, the Open Gallery Of Rajasthan

Shekhawati is an arid oasis with open-air galleries, beautiful Havelis, palaces, and forts of legend. It was one of the best destinations to visit in Rajasthan. The people of Shekhawati were hard-working and courageous warriors. Most soldiers of the Indian Army are from this area.


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