UAE is a wonderful place to travel to as it offers the best experience in tourism. Not only does it give you the chance to indulge in the finest of luxuries, but also a glimpse of its historical past. Are you planning to visit Explore Night in UAE? Great, we have handpicked 6 cities perfect for visiting at night. Have a read.

  1. Dubai

Dubai has so many places that you can visit and explore at night in UAE, the city comes alive once the sunsets. All the iconic buildings in Dubai are brightly lit up with lights. You can opt for a night city tour, that will take you all over the city to all the famous places. Do visit the souk at night as it is a wonderful place with shops selling all sorts of interesting items. You can also book an exclusive tour of the Burj, and you can visit its observation Decks to get a fabulous glimpse of the city below. Once you are done with the tour of the Burj you can treat yourself to a nice dinner at any one of the restaurants there. If you want to go further in order to absorb the beauty of the night you can also go for a dinner cruise under the starlit skies.

  1. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi at night will never fail to amaze you for sure. It has so many different activities that you can indulge in. The Abu Dhabi city tour can leave you spellbound with its nocturnal beauty.  The best way to explore this city is to take an Abu Dhabi City Tour, your tour guide will take you all over the city and you will also be allowed to take photo stops, so those of you who are very passionate about photography must take your tripod and camera with you. You can also consider visiting the high-profile nightclubs and hotels in Yas Island. The most popular choice amongst tourists would be to go for an overnight desert safari.

  1. Sharjah

Wouldn’t you love to discover the Arabic culture through a Sharjah city tour at night? You can also go for cultural shows at night which are fabulous and well-organized. Now the night scene is not just for adults, but there is a lot in store for kids too.  You can go to the famous Light Festival, where the entire city is bathed in fabulous light that also highlights some of the iconic buildings of the city.

  1. Rah Al Khaimah

Now Rah Al Khaimah may be a little laid back in comparison to the other cities in the Emirates, but it is a place worth visiting at night. You must make it a point to camp out at the Jebel Jais which is the tallest peak in the UAE, here you can camp out for the night or even visit the local resorts for an overnight stay and a morning trek the next day.

  1. Ajman

Ajman has many interesting night spots for you to go and hang out in. If you love to go out bowling with your friends and have a couple of beers then you should go to Cosmic Bowling, this place is brimming with young people, and the music there has a cheerful vibe to it that will put you in a good mood instantly. If you want to catch your favorite sports team playing then go to Sports Bar, this place has a giant screen where you catch your game and treat yourself to some beer and delicious snacks.

  1. Al Ain

This may be the last name on the list, but it certainly does not fall behind the others. The city tour in this place is a must as it will take you through some of the historic neighborhoods of the city. You can also visit the local souk market which is open till night to buy interesting items at reasonable prices.

So, these are the seven cities in Explore Night in UAE that you can visit at night for a memorable experience. There are many tour operators offering various packages so compare the prices and then make a decision. Also, read the cancellation policy very well before you make your bookings.

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