Hong Kong is a tourist’s paradise with its plethora of attractions, chief amongst which are the beautiful beaches. If you are a true water baby and love frolicking at the beach. There are numerous options available for you in Hong Kong. Here are the 11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Hong Kong for Tourists

Have a Look at the 11 Most Beautiful Beaches in Hong Kong, that you should try

Shek O Beach

It is one of Hong Kong’s most popular seaside destinations and comes with a charming and relaxed atmosphere. You get several amenities here including showers, changing rooms, washrooms, and pits for barbecues. It is neatly nestled amidst the gorgeous peninsula with lesser waves and spectacular views. There are so many best beaches in hong kong these are the list.

Shek O Beach
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There are several cafes, restaurants, and bars dotting the area. You can explore the quaint village here, leading you to the landmark Shek O Lovers’ Bridge and the acclaimed Tai Tau Chau Pavilion, offering splendid South China Sea vistas. You can reach it by taking the MTR and getting off at Exit A2 of Shau Kei Wan or Exit A3 as well. 

Repulse Bay

repulse bay
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Repulse Bay offers a posh neighborhood surrounding the beautiful beach and also facilities like toilets, showers, and changing rooms. There is The Pulse, a beachfront mall that contains a supermarket, spa, boutique, shops, and restaurants. Most venues also accommodate pets. 

Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is nestled in Hong Kong’s southern district, just northwards from Shek O Beach. The beach is an ideal spot for surfing and hence its name. It is a relaxing area for hiking up the famous Dragon’s Back. In addition to these attractions, you can also experience the thrill of dragon boat racing hong kong. You can also get something to eat and rent a surfboard for your next adventure! Standup paddleboards may also be rented at the nearby village.

big wave bay
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The mode of arrival is the same as Shek O Beach. Namely taking the A2 or A3 exits and hopping onto Shek O buses. Get off at the intersection between Big Wave Bay and Shek O Beach. Before taking a ten-minute walk to your destination. 

Sheung Sze Wan Beach – One of the best hong kong beaches

Sheung Sze Wan Beach
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The Sheung Sze Wan Beach is a beautiful beach where you can go standup paddle-boarding or even kayaking if you wish. You can also rent special equipment and paddle your way around the Geopark by UNESCO. There are several guided tours that take tourists to Bluff Island, Sharp Island, and even Green Egg Island. 

Long Ke Wan Beach – One of the best beaches of hong kong

Long Ke Wan Beach
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This beach was once called the Maldives of Hong Kong by locals and tourists, offering white sands and turquoise ocean waves that instantly relax you. You have to hike for a while from the well-known Sai Kung East Dam and enjoy the peaceful and secluded ambiance. You should bring your own food and water since there are limited facilities. 

Tai Long Wan – best beaches in hk

Tai Long Wan
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This beach lies in Sai Kung and there are four beaches in the bay, namely Ham Tin Wan, Sai Wan, Tung Wan, and Tai Wan. They cover 3 kilometers of pristine coastline while offering interconnected trails. You will find local food and water stops along the route. You can also rent tents and other equipment for camping at the Ham Tin Wan beach. 

Pui O Beach – One of the great beaches near hong kong

Pui O Beach
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Pui O Beach is a neat little beach on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. If you’re wondering about the best time to visit hong kong, campers love this beach for its dedicated camping location with 50+ tent-pitching locations and a barbecue pit near the beach. Imagine a hot grill going on while you watch the sun disappear into the waves. Sheer magic isn’t it? You will find all the necessary supplies from nearby shops.

Golden Beach

Golden Beach
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Golden Beach is a manmade and gorgeous beach that covers 500 meters on the coastline and comes with refreshment outlets, changing rooms, toilets, and showers. This area is popular with vacationers. 

Tung Wan Beach

This beach lies in Ma Wan, nestled between Tsing Yi (the charming little island within Tsuen Wan) and Lantau Island. This beach has the acclaimed Noah’s Ark theme park along with several attractions including coastal walking trails, cycling trails, hilltop viewpoints, and the Tsing Ma Bridge. 

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is shaped exactly like a crescent moon and is a popular pick for tourists and locals owing to its clear and pristine water along with the golden beach. It is a top spot upon Sharp Island and gets everything from changing rooms and showers to bathrooms, barbecue pits, and a lot more.

Half Moon Bay
Image by Pooja J from Pixabay

Sharp Island is also within the UNESCO Geopark and you can take a fabulous hike from Kiu Tsui Beach to this location. Savor stunning Sai Kung views while gazing upon fascinating natural formations. The rocky tombolo bridge is also famous amongst tourists and this only reveals itself during low tide. 

Upper and Lower Cheung Sha Beach

Cheung Sha Beach in Hong Kong’s longest public beach and you will find the Long Coast Seaports here, offering tents, caravans, and a lot more. Enjoy gorgeous views of the coastline while participating in activities like kite-surfing, surfing, standup paddle-boarding, and chilling out afterward at the bars lining the beachfront.

The Cheung Sha Beach is partitioned into Lower and Upper Cheung Sha Beach while there are numerous restaurants, stores, and shops lining the entire stretch. 


Now that you have a list of the top beaches in Hong Kong, plan your itinerary with care, book your travel tickets, and reserve Hong Kong serviced apartments in advance. After all, good accommodation is a must for enjoying the comforts of home and top-class amenities throughout your stay.

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