Are you passionate about travel and the environment? Do you want to explore the world while making a positive impact? If so, then eco-tourism blogs is the perfect choice for you. By choosing eco-friendly travel options, you can experience the beauty of nature while preserving it for future generations. But where do you find the best information and inspiration for your eco-tourism adventures? Look no further!

In this article, we have curated a list of the top eco-tourism blogs and websites that you must follow. These platforms will provide you with valuable insights, tips, and recommendations to make your eco-friendly travel dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a long-term volunteering opportunity, Responsible Travel is your go-to website.

Eco-Tourism Blogs: Exploring the World Responsibly

When it comes to eco-tourism, there is no shortage of amazing blogs that offer a wealth of information and inspiration. These blogs are run by passionate travelers who have a deep love for the environment and a commitment to responsible travel. Let’s dive into the world of eco-tourism blogs and discover some hidden gems!

1. Green Globe

Green Globe is a comprehensive platform that covers all things eco-tourism. From sustainable travel destinations to eco-lodges and travel tips, this blog has it all. They believe in responsible tourism and aim to inspire travelers to make conscious choices that benefit the planet. With engaging articles, stunning visuals, and expert advice, Green Globe is a must-follow blog for any eco-conscious traveler.

2. The Green Backpack

If you’re looking for personal travel stories and in-depth destination guides, The Green Backpack is the blog for you. Run by a group of travel enthusiasts, this blog offers a unique perspective on eco-tourism. They share their experiences, challenges, and recommendations to help you plan your own eco-friendly adventures. Their vivid storytelling will transport you to breathtaking destinations while instilling a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

3. Sustainable Siren

Sustainable Siren is a blog that combines fashion and eco-tourism in a unique way. Run by a fashion-conscious traveler, this platform aims to promote sustainable fashion choices while advocating for responsible travel. From ethical travel outfits to eco-friendly beauty products, Sustainable Siren covers a wide range of topics that will inspire you to travel responsibly and look fabulous while doing it.

4. Our Good Travel

Our Good Travel is a blog that focuses on responsible travel experiences. They believe that travel should be a force for good and aim to provide insights into ethical choices you can make while exploring the world. From volunteering opportunities to eco-tourism destinations, this blog offers a plethora of resources to make your travels truly meaningful. Join their community and be part of the positive change in the travel industry.

5. The Ethicalist

The Ethicalist is a blog dedicated to ethical and sustainable travel. This platform covers a wide range of topics, including eco-friendly accommodations, responsible wildlife tourism, and eco-conscious activities. The Ethicalist team believes in the power of small actions and aims to inspire travelers to make a difference through their travel choices. With detailed guides and practical tips, this blog is a valuable resource for every eco-conscious traveler.

Websites That Promote Responsible Travel

In addition to blogs, there are several websites that provide valuable information and resources for eco-tourism enthusiasts. These platforms serve as hubs for eco-travelers, connecting them with relevant information, sustainable travel operators, and like-minded individuals. Let’s explore some of these websites and discover the wealth of knowledge they offer.

1. Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel is a leading website that promotes responsible and sustainable travel options worldwide. They believe that travel can be a force for good and aim to connect travelers with local communities and conservation projects. Their website provides a wide range of eco-tourism options, from wildlife conservation trips to eco-lodges and sustainable tours. 

2. The International Ecotourism Society (TIES)

TIES is a global organization dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices. Their website serves as a valuable resource for eco-travelers, offering information on eco-certifications, community-based tourism, and responsible travel guidelines. TIES also organizes events and conferences where travelers and industry professionals can come together to discuss and promote eco-tourism.

3. Ecotourism Australia

Ecotourism Australia is an organization that focuses on promoting and certifying sustainable and eco-friendly travel options in Australia. Their website provides a directory of certified eco-tourism operators, allowing travelers to make informed choices while exploring the country. Whether you’re interested in wildlife encounters, cultural experiences, or outdoor adventures, Ecotourism Australia has you covered.

Their certification ensures that your travel experiences align with the highest environmental and social standards. Whether you’re looking for a travel buddy or seeking inspiration, the International Ecotourism Club is a vibrant community for eco.

4. The International Ecotourism Club

The International Ecotourism Club is an online community that brings together eco-travelers, tour operators, and sustainable destinations. Their website allows travelers to connect with like-minded individuals, share travel stories, and discover eco-friendly travel options. The club also offers resources and guides to help travelers plan their eco-tourism adventures. conscious explorers.


As eco-conscious travelers, it is our responsibility to make conscious choices that minimize our impact on the environment. By following the top eco-tourism blogs and websites mentioned above, you can gain valuable insights, tips, and recommendations to make your travels more sustainable. Whether you’re looking for destination inspiration, eco-friendly accommodations, or volunteering opportunities, these platforms have got you covered.

So, pack your bags, embrace the power of eco-tourism, and embark on a journey that not only fulfills your wanderlust but also preserves the beauty of our planet for generations to come. Together, let’s create a greener and more sustainable world through responsible travel. To know more information, visit Journey Index.